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"Gurkal Calcite"

"Nidas Calcite"


16.02.2010   Of napolniteli for plastic (pvc)

10.12.2010   It is useful for business: the nearest exhibitions and conferences

19.11.2010   Of mikrokaltsit raw materials for manufacture

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Mikronizirovannyj marble

Mikronizirovannyj marble :

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The raised maintenance ;

Higher durability of grains;

Low porosity and water absorption;

High refraction;

The low maintenance paintingand as consequence, higher indicator of a whiteness;

The low maintenance of water-soluble salts;

High stability to ultra-violet radiation.


Manufacture of paint and varnish materials of various types;

Manufacture of dry building mixes and finishing materials;

Manufacture of plastic;

Linoleum manufacture;

As a component of chisel solutions;

Manufacture of abrasive cleaners;

In medicine;

In the food-processing industry;

In the electrotechnical industry.


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