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16.02.2010   Of napolniteli for plastic (pvc)

10.12.2010   Is useful for business: the nearest exhibitions and conferences

19.11.2010   Of mikrokaltsit raw materials for manufacture

15.08.2010   Of advantage as for manufacture of paint

01.06.2010   Of ladies and gentlemen, we represent the new partner, company "nidas"

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We offer production

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Of mikrokaltsity "limcarb-lux"

"LimCarb-Lux 1"

"LimCarb-Lux 1T"

"LimCarb-Lux 2"

"LimCarb-Lux 2X"

"LimCarb-Lux 2XT"

"LimCarb-Lux 3"

"LimCarb-Lux 10"

"LimCarb-Lux HC65"


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