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The bulletin board.

The bulletin board is the best way to submit the information for attraction of clients or partners. as such necessity arises in our life constantly, we are compelled to search for the most effective variants of placing of announcements or advertising.Web:

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To place announcements on our site very simply:

  • To enter into section To add announcement
  • In cage announcement heading: - to write the goods or service name.
  • In cage a city: - to choose from the list a city where to be the goods or to be made service.
  • In cage the announcement text: - the goods or service description.
  • In cage a category: - to choose from the list section where it is necessary to place your announcement.
  • In cage the contact information: - to write your address and phone, or any other information on.
  • It is necessary to specify quantity of days of a finding of your advertising on a board.
  • To press To "add"
That's all. we wish success!
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